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Qingdao Steady Machinery CO., LTD. Qingdao Steady Machi QingdaoSteadyMachi LOGO
Qingdao Steady Machinery CO., LTD. - QingdaoSteadyMachiQingdao Steady Machi
公司简介:Qingdao Steady Machinery CO., LTD founded in 2000, Located in Lingang(means very near to harbor) industrial zone, Huangdao District, Qingdao, China. The company focused on high quality machine making. Our company have a variety of high precision processing equipment and test equipment for more than 70 sets. We have top rank technical team in our machine field. Totally we have five factories in China mainland, with totally more than three hundred well trained mechanists/workers. ...
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ShenZhen XinHaiWang Technology Co., Ltd. 深圳市鑫海旺科技 ShenZhenXinHaiWang LOGO
ShenZhen XinHaiWang Technology Co., Ltd. - ShenZhenXinHaiWang深圳市鑫海旺科技
公司简介:Our capabilities and services: Design and mix rubber compound Design and make compression mould/transfer mould/injection mould Customize rubber and silicone products Customize silicone liquid silicone rubber injection mould and Products, our liquid silicone injection working shop is clean room, suit for making silicone components of medical device and food contact. Printing and painting: we have dust free room, can print and paint different color. Coating: Run various coating on rubber...
http://shenzhenxinhaiwang.cardofcom.net - 名片预览
Jiangyin Giansun Precision Components Co.,Ltd 江顺精密 PrecisionComponents LOGO
Jiangyin Giansun Precision Components Co.,Ltd - PrecisionComponents江顺精密
公司简介:Affiliated to Giansun Tech, Giansun precision components company is a professional company specializing in providing overall solution of high quality precision components for aerospace, medical instruments, railway transportation, metallurgical equipment and wind power generate electricity facility. http://www.jygiansunparts.com
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Class (Xiamen) Energy Technology Co., Ltd ffttty122 ffttty122 LOGO
公司简介:Class (Xiamen) Energy Technology Co.,Ltd. is a new energy technology company.We are specialized in the field of solar photovoltaic product R&D, production, sales and service to provide the most stable and reliable and economical and efficient solar photovoltaic system solutions for customers in the world.
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济南金山电线电缆有限公司 金山线缆 jinshancables LOGO
济南金山电线电缆有限公司 - jinshancables金山线缆
公司简介:济南金山电线电缆有限公司是天津金山电缆股份有限公司山东分公司,天津金山电线电缆股份有限公司(原天津市电线总厂) 是天津市高新技术企业,专业生产制造各种电气装备用电线电缆,产品注册商标为“金山牌”,是天津市工商行政管理局认定的天津市著名商标。公司主要产品有:电力电缆、控制电缆、低烟无卤阻燃电线电缆、电梯电缆、机车车辆电线、矿用移动电缆、?...
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Changzhou Chenyu Hotel Supplies Co., Ltd llpp1207 llpp1207 LOGO
公司简介:Changzhou Chenyu Hotel Supplies Co., Ltd is located in Wujin, Changzhou, Jiangsu ,China. It grew out of the Changzhou Daixi Plastics factory which is founded in 2006. We are specializing in producing, researching and developing cling films, aluminum foils and heat sources. These fuels are mainly used for hotel, restaurant, buffet, hotpot, teahouse and so on. In 2012,we originated our cling film brand YANDI. In 2009 , we originated our fuel brand TIAN DA. What’s more, our products pas...
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温州精成化工有限公司 温州精成 WenzhouJingcheng LOGO
温州精成化工有限公司 - WenzhouJingcheng温州精成
公司简介:温州精成化工有限公司(以下简称“精成化工”),是经浙江省温州市工商局批准成立的致力于新材料及其应用开发、生产和销售的高新技术企业。 精成化工在日本秋田有设立专门的材料研发机构,并与国内著名高校保持长期科研合作,成功开发了十余种新型原材料,在化工、电子、陶瓷、涂料、空气治理、食品、饲料、日化等领域实现了长期稳定的应用,并取得了良好的经...
http://wenzhoujingcheng.cardofcom.net - 名片预览
Shenzhen Jialianyin Science & Technology Co.,Ltd 深圳jialianyin 深圳jialianyin LOGO
Shenzhen Jialianyin Science & Technology Co.,Ltd - 深圳jialianyin深圳jialianyin
公司简介:We are private-owned factory located in Shenzhen, alongside Hong Kong, specializing in manufacturing melamine sponge, magic eraser, cellulose sponge, bath sponge, cleaning sponge, car cleaning sponge, packaging sponge, cosmetic sponge, special sponge for industrial usage and so on. We can also carry out new sponge Research & Development as per customer sample or ideas. http://www.beauty-sponge.com
http://深圳jialianyin.cardofcom.net - 名片预览
Zhuji Hanjing Garment Co., Ltd Zhuji Hanjing Garmen ZhujiHanjingGarmen LOGO
Zhuji Hanjing Garment Co., Ltd - ZhujiHanjingGarmenZhuji Hanjing Garmen
公司简介:Zhuji Hanjing Garment Co., Ltd. established in year of 2013, which located in the most famous socks town-Datang Town, Zhejiang Province, China.
http://zhujihanjinggarmen.cardofcom.net - 名片预览
Zhejiang Momali Sanitary Utensils Co., Ltd Zhejiang Momali Sani ZhejiangMomaliSani LOGO
Zhejiang Momali Sanitary Utensils Co., Ltd - ZhejiangMomaliSaniZhejiang Momali Sani
公司简介:Zhejiang Momali Sanitary Utensils Co., Ltd Established in 1985, we are a reliable supplier to the global plumbing industry; mainly engaging in manufacturing faucets, mixers and other sanitary appliances. Our products feature solid brass construction, check valve cartridge and flow regulators that have won fame among faucet producers around the world.
http://www.faucet-tap.com - 名片预览
Hangzhou Goalreally Import & Export Co.,Ltd Hangzhou Goalreally HangzhouGoalreally LOGO
Hangzhou Goalreally Import & Export Co.,Ltd - HangzhouGoalreallyHangzhou Goalreally
公司简介:Here at Goalreally. We are a family owned and operated Zaochuang Art Gift Co., Ltd and Huabang Printing Co., Ltd, committed to making challenging and innovative items, especially in PUZZLES, CARDS&POKER, SEASONNAL ITEMS, PAPER TOYS ,FUNNY TOYS and PAPER PRINTING PRODUCTS. Located in Fuyang Ind. park, Hangzhou with -------aq ft. Factory, powerfulequipment supporting and stability of a wide range of supply chain, we dedicate our team to client's general market development, focus on abilit...
http://www.goalreally-puzzle.com - 名片预览
高新区艺韵绘画设计艺术工作室 艺韵绘画设计 cd77qsn LOGO
高新区艺韵绘画设计艺术工作室 - cd77qsn艺韵绘画设计
公司简介:高新区艺韵绘画设计艺术工作室http://www.77qsn.com成立于2007年7月。 网站成立目的 为成都儿童青少年艺术学习爱好者提供:分享、关注及文化艺术交流、提升兴趣爱好及专业学习平台。 宗旨及发展方向 向一切热爱艺术、关注艺术,向往艺术学习的青少年儿童及学生家长成人开放。专业艺术教育、专业艺术教学、专业艺术教师,三大核心支持。以笃定有力的信念,?...
http://www.77qsn.com - 名片预览
Shenzhen Colourstar Printing & Packaging Co., Ltd Shenzhen Colourstar ShenzhenColourstar LOGO
Shenzhen Colourstar Printing & Packaging Co., Ltd - ShenzhenColourstarShenzhen Colourstar
公司简介:Founded in 1999,Shenzhen Colourstar Printing & Packaging Co., Ltd.is a special manufacturer on packaging and printing products located in Baoan District Shenzhen City China.. We mainly manufacture packaging paper bags and boxes, catalogs, books, magazines, gift wrapping tissue paper, greeting cards, postcards, labels, tags, adhesive stickers, diary notebooks, calendars and other related printing products, Relying on special workshops, high skilled, efficient employees and good perfor...
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Wuxi Shenneng  Energy-saving Boiler Co.,LTD 无锡无锡无锡 WuxiShenneng LOGO
Wuxi Shenneng Energy-saving Boiler Co.,LTD - WuxiShenneng无锡无锡无锡
公司简介:Wuxi Shenneng Energy-Saving Boiler Co.,Ltd was founded in 1990s and is a professional special equipment manufacturer of boiler and pressure vessel products design http://www.wuxishenneng.com
http://www.wuxishenneng.com - 名片预览
Hunan Standard Steel Co.,Ltd. Hunan Standard Steel HunanStandardSteel LOGO
Hunan Standard Steel Co.,Ltd. - HunanStandardSteelHunan Standard Steel
公司简介:Hunan Standard Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd as the professional manufacturer of steel pipe and pipe fittings, is a Sino-Singapore joint venture enterprise which commenced its construction from 1989 and put into production on July 25 ,1990
http://www.hu-steel.com - 名片预览
Hangzhou Cleesink Mechanical And Electrical Co., L 温州杭州 cyywww LOGO
公司简介:Hangzhou Cleesink Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd. is located in Hangzhou, one of the most beautiful cities of China. It is a high and new technology enterprise which integrates teams of R&D http://www.cleesinkfwd.com
http://www.cleesinkfwd.com - 名片预览
Shenzhen Jinjia Technologies Co.,Ltd lyy151k lyy151k LOGO
公司简介:Cigpal by Jinjia. Shenzhen Jinjia Technologies Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Jinjia Group, a public company (SZ002191) since 2007. Renowned as the No.1 tobacco package provider in China and partner with a number of regional tobacco manufacturers of CNTC(China National Tobacco Corp.), our ultimate goal is to produce a safer and more superior standard of cigarette consumption. We also want to help our customers improve their supply chain with a more quality based, modern and advanced manufacturing ...
http://www.cigpal.com - 名片预览
郑州鼎盛工程公司 郑州鼎盛公司 DSMACGroup LOGO
郑州鼎盛工程公司 - DSMACGroup郑州鼎盛公司
公司简介:DSMAC can manufacture spares and wear parts for a wide range of crushers, screens and crushing plants, including jaw plate, blow bar, liner plate, mantle, concave, rotor for crusher, hammer, etc. DSMAC can also processing the spare parts as your requirement if you send the drawings or samples to us.
http://dsmacgroup.cardofcom.net - 名片预览
马鞍山中衡联电气有限公司 中衡联 maszhl LOGO
http://maszhl.cardofcom.net - 名片预览
公司简介:WENZHOU GUOHONG PACKAGING CO.,LTD is a leading manufacturer of customized shopping bags . such as non woven bags, PP woven bags, cooler bags,polyester bags, cotton bags,suit covers ,non-woven materials and etc .http://www.guohongbag.com
http://www.guohongbag.com - 名片预览
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